We <3 tattoo.

Welcome to Tattoo Books Online, a tattoo niche media and content company.
When we are not locked away editing tattoo videos, we tend to focus our super powers on things like industry news, and tattoo education. Founded on the idea that quality tattoo information should be common knowledge for tattoo artists and tattoo clients alike, we have built a community where thousands of budding tattoo artists come to share.

What We Do

We create training materials for today's tattoo apprentice. We write books. We create instructional DVDs. We provide knowledge in our forums. We provide online content for numerous websites. We travel the globe and interview professional tattoo artists and disperse their genius. We help lead new tattoo artists down the right path. We are proud to be a part of the shift in the tattoo industry. We offer hope for young artists who want to learn how to tattoo. We offer free advice and information about tattoo safety.


Who We Are

While some have called us subject matter experts, we like to think of ourselves as "subject matter enablers".
We are the ones who listened when no one else would. We are a mentor to the future generation of tattoo artists. We are part of the evolution of the tattoo industry. We are building a bridge between the ancient art of tattoo and the modern art of technology. We are the new old-school. We are just like you. We are TATTOO BOOKS ONLINE, and we want you to join us.



We have our hands in everything from TeachMeToTattoo.com, to numerous online tattoo magazines, to a series of books and training DVDs. Some of our projects get more love than others, but that is just due to us needing at least four hours of sleep each night. Some of our projects have failed, but we love the experiences and friends we have made along the way.


We want you to succeed and we don't pretend like every tattoo tip a a magical secret. We work with everyone from tattoo equipment retailers (buying thousands of books a month) to the girl tattooing in her mom's kitchen, trying to become a tattoo apprentice in a real studio. No question is too big or too small for us. And if we don't know the answer - we will try our best to point you in the right direction.